AWS DeepRacer

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AWS DeepRacer is machine learning hidden underneath racing. Interestingly Amazon provides actual physical DeepRacer cars and virtual cars. The new Evo car upgrades to a stereo camera and LIDAR which are needed for object avoidance because of the new multi-car racing.

It’s not free to race, but you can get 10 hours to start free. It makes Reinforcement Learning easier to learn than an online course or book though I’m not sure it goes quite as deep. It will be interesting to see the longevity of racers and if they are learning versus seasoned professionals looking to have a little fun.

I hope it is successful and expands beyond highly technical audiences. The price of one car is already on par with VEX IQ kits. With time I hope the price will decrease even farther to make it possible for underserved students to have the option to race.

Here is a free class to learn more